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Playlist Analyzer

Purpose of this site is to analyze playlists and create customizable charts from your Spotify Playlist or Youtube Music stats in a matter of few seconds.

How can I check my playlist?

You can scan Spotify and Youtube playlists by simply providing a link to pie graph "Analyze my Spotify" or "Analyze my Youtube", then Youtube Music or Spotify analysis will do its thing

What data can Spotify Playlist Analyzer provide?

As with an another Spotify stats websites, with Spotify Analyzer analysing songs you can create spotify pie chart out of playlists of music and see how many songs do you have, length of average song, lengthiest song, shortest song, total duration, how many days it will take to listen your Spotify playlist completely, Spotify rate of your artists, your favourite artists, most and least popular bands of Spotify mix, playlist explicity percentage and explicity of your songs, your favourite year in music and list of release dates of your albums

spotify pie chart

what is a spotify  chart

Spotify Playlist Analyzer / Yotube Music Playlist Analyzer

Analyze songs and get several cute charts representing you Spotify songs.

  • Pie chart with Artist/Tracks correlation, which will demonstrate favourite bands of your playlists based on spotify analyze.
  • Spotify analysis chart in a form of a bars, that will show you least and most popular artists of your playlist (via music rater based on Spotify data)
  • Spotify playlist stats allows you to see a lot of things. With Spotify Music Analyzer you can see how many of your songs marked as explicit, and a complete artist ranks of explicity in playlist.
  • Via playlist length calculator you can see playlist length and facts about average length of a song, max length of a song, and min length of a song, you will get Waffle Chart that will represent each track of your playlist as a little tile.
  • This tool will give you statistic on music of your Years/Albums rate. Check the most old album in Spotify Playlist, as well as the newest and see the most popular year with spotify stat checker.
  • The last part of playlist analyzing is list of all your albums, with every artist's album release dates.

Another Playlist Analyzer possibilities

analyze song

Youtube Music Stats vs Spotify Playlist Stats

Youtube stats provides much less data than Spotify (mostly because yt playlist music API is scarce for whatever reason in comparison to analyze spotify features). Yet you can get some youtube music statistics. Youtube Music Artists/Tracks ratio music pie chart with support for custom background is the least you can get by analyzing Youtube playlist. More things to come! Probably.

Top Bands

When you use playlist analyzer to analyze Spotify playlists, or analyze Youtube Music, the most frequent artist of your playlist goes to Top Bands. If your favourite artist already was in someone's #1, it will give them a +1 and a higher position. Otherwise, if your music taste is so sophisticated, it will add your artist to the list.

Advanced Settings

The first and the main chart of playlist analyzation is pie chart made of your music. All you need to do is provide a spotify link (or Youtube Music link) to "Analyze my playlists spotify", submit and wait some time to get the data. Yet, there are advanced and absolutely optional features that will allow you to change shape, colors, slices, etc of your main spotify chart (now it works with Youtube Music as well!). Spotify analyze and see instructions to perfect your chart.

FAQ and Guide

In this part I will anwser the most frequent questions and provide simple guides about Spotify Playlist Analyzer, Playlist Analyzer and general policies

  • How to make playlist public on Spotify?

    At the moment Spotify Playlist Analyzer (and Playlist Analyzer in general) works without registration to your account, so in order to analyze spotify and use the main features (spotify pie chart with artists ratio, explicity plot, length of playlist etc.), see spotify statistic, you have to provide public playlist.

    Ordinary you don't have to do anything, as Spotify's playlists are public by default, but if your playlist is not, all you have to do is to right click on the playlist in Spotify App (Spotify web version doesn't have this option) and select option to make it public.

    how to make a playlist public on spotify
  • How to make playlist private on spotify?

    Same thing as with previous point, but select "Make private" instead. Do not make a playlist private for music taste analyzer to get your personal spotify statistics and produce spotify music breakdown

  • How to make a playlist for Spotify Playlist Analyzer to work?

    How to make a Spotify playlist?

    Can't use spotify playlist analyzer without playlist, so right click on any song, anywhere, then "Add to playlist" and then "Create playlist". We're done. You can find new playlist in left panel with all playlists, named by the first track you've added. Same goes for the albums, you can create playlists with similar steps.

    how to create spotify playlist

    How to make a Youtube Music playlist?

    Youtube Music and Spotify are very similar in their looks, so you need to do the same as Spotify playlist creation, but after "create playlist" you have to set its name and turn it public or private manually.

    how to create youtube music playlist
  • How to delete playlist?

    Both how to delete Spotify playlist and how to delete Youtube Music playlist have similar simple answer: right click on playlist, then "delete playlist". Double check the playlist you want to delete, it's irreversible process.

  • General rule of Troubleshooting while using Spotify Analyzer

    According to my research based on 1000 error logs, during spotify analysis 95% of people simply put private playlist causing Spotify Analyzer to threw error. Check whether you can open your playlist in Incognito Mode to see if you can open it. If not nor Spotify Playlist Analyzer, nor spotify ranker, nor any other Playlist Analyzer, playlist tool on this site can't work with your playlist

  • Does Spotify Playlist Analyzer / Playlist Analyzer collects your data?

    No, nor Spotify Playlist Analyzer nor Youtube Playlist Analyzer does not collect any of your data with a sole exception of playlist ID that will be deleted once Playlist Analyzer finishes its work

  • Sharing Spotify playlists / Sharing Youtube Music playlists

    There are several methods to share both of these, but the easiest one is to provide a link. Be sure to provide a link to your playlist, not vidget, for my site to analyze playlist. To get a link, copy it from a browser, or click on three dots (or right click on playlist) and then click "share playlist".

  • How to transform Spotify Liked Songs to a playlist?

    At the moment Playlist Analyzer can't collect Spotify playlists stats, so you'll need to make Liked Songs into a playlist. That's a simple yet tricky one. To make liked songs a playlist you need Spotify App on PC. Open Spotify app (Web version won't work), select Liked Songs, then press "Ctrl + A" which get all of your tracks selected. Right click on selected songs and then "Create playlist".

    liked songs to playlist spotify
  • Spotify Playlist Analyzer, Spotify Analyzer, Playlist Analyzer, Spotify Analysis, Analyze Spotify etc etc. Can't you stop giving those names?

    Nope. I play with keywords for Google. Do you know that "analyse my spotify" and "analaze my spotify" are different popular requests, huh?

  • Spotify Playlist Analyzer / Playlist Analyzer works too slow

    Both Spotify Playlist Analyzer and Youtube Music analyzer are pretty lightweight, so if you have to wait more than 10 seconds it's most likely the size of your playlist, queue to use Spotify Playlist Analyzer or some rare stutters from Spotify API. Playlists on a smaller side can be processed in a mere seconds. In 9/10 cases it's not spotify analyzer fault.