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Album Cover

Provide a link to a Spotify or Youtube Music album and get spotify album covers or youtube music ones in different native resolutions.

How to get album cover?

Yeah, that tool is simple as a brick. Provide a link to desired Spotify or Youtube Music album, extract music covers and get a different resolution covers of an aforementioned album. All the data come from Spotify and Youtube Music databases.

Album cover with a high resolution and music covers in low resolution

Spotify Data provides and Youtube Data provides high resolution album cover as well as small artist covers. Spotify images come in: min (64x64), med (300x300) and max (640x640) resolutions for music covers. Youtube Music covers have med (180x180), standart (640x640) and max (1200x1200) album covers.

Why do I get the Cat?

If Playlist Analyser can't extract cover from Spotify Music, or Youtube Music, you'll get the Cat.

Why should I download album covers?

It's a part of the Playlist Analyzer toolkit, so I made album covers extractor to a separate page just for convenience. And because cause music covers are cool. Or you want to put them as your playlist cover. Why would you not download albums covers, right? Anyway, get your album covers now!


Provide exact link to your Spotify album or Youtube Music one to get desired covers or album icons.