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Spotify Playlist Analyzer

Make Spotify pie charts with artists ratio, check favorite year in music, percent and rating of explicity in your playlists, facts and charts about duration of your tracks and much more in a matter of a few clicks

Configure your chart with an advanced settings

Num of slices
Slice "Other"

What data can I get with Spotify Playlist Analyzer?

  • First and foremost you can get Spotify pie chart based on ration between artists in your playlist. And not only pie charts, but donut chart and rectangle charts for novelty. Album covers as wallpaper for style

    Spotify Pie Chart

    spotify pie chart

    Classic pie chart colored with default scheme (you can bake your pie with custom colors via advanced settings)

    Spotify Donut Chart

    spotify playlist pie

    Second form of available spotify pies with custom colors (change shape of a chart in advanced settings) and slice 'Other' to represent non-top bands in pie...or donut?

    Spotify Rectangle Chart

    generate spotify pie

    Generate your square spotify chart with wondrous Squarify and convenience of Playlist Analyzer!

  • Second part of playlist analysing is Spotify popularity chart made of bars. Check top 10 of the most popular and the least popular artists of your playlist. Don't take close to your heart the result, maybe your favorite band is popular, but there were no updates in Spotify's data!

    Spotify bar chart with basic colors

    spotify popularity chart

    Not much of configuration in this one. Take a note, some bands have 0 popularity due to lack of update, so they're not included!

    Custom colored Spotify chart made of popularity data

    spotify playlists popularity

    Same thing, but with outer color palette (if custom colors are being chosen, all charts share them)

  • Calculation of the explicity of a Spotify playlist, percentage of explicity and whole list with every band that has tracks marked as "E".

    Average percent and Spotify explicity rankings

    Artists Explicity
    Arch Enemy 1
    Avenged Sevenfold 1
    Brothers of Metal 4
    Combichrist 1
    Disturbed 5
    Dream Theater 1
    Five Finger Death Punch 4
    Kill or Cure 1
    Metalocalypse: Dethklok 1
    Mötley Crüe 2
    Rob Zombie 1
    Slash 2
    Slipknot 6
    Soen 1
    Stone Sour 1
    System Of A Down 2
    Tenacious D 2
    The Offspring 1

    After you'll get a list, click on headers to sort the table to see desired data. Shout out to Sortable as the most easiest package for sorting tables

  • Several facts about your spotify playlist durations: total playlist duration in minutes, average track duration, shortest and lengthiest spotify track of chosen playlist, precise estimation of how much days it will take to listen your playlist on 100%. And the fancier part: Waffle Chart made of tiles, which represent your tracks.

    Cool chart made with stylish PyWaffle

    spotify playlist waffle chart

    Probably the most fun/descriptive version of a chart I've seen. Be wary about size of playlist, with lots of track a difference in colors may be little.

  • Ever wondered "What's the oldest album in my playlist? What's the newest? What year is the most frequent through out of my playlist?"? No? Well, I did. With this bar chart you can easily find answers to those questions, and complete list of your albums with release dates will provide even more data in raw form

    Spotify release date chart made of bars

    spotify playlist tracks release date

    Descriptive as is. While we're here, lil thanks to Colour as small QOL feature to manage gradients!

    Complete list of release dates of all your albums

    Artist Album Release
    Within Temptation The Unforgiving 2011-03-25
    Amaranthe Amaranthe (Special Edition) 2011-01-01
    Iron Savior The Landing 2011-11-18
    Nightwish Imaginaerum 2011-12-02
    In Flames Sounds of a Playground Fading 2011-11-29
    Powerwolf Blood of the Saints 2011-08-02
    Bloodbound Unholy Cross 2011-03-18
    Rammstein Made In Germany 1995 - 2011 (Special Edition) 2011-12-02
    Bullet For My Valentine Fever 2010-04-20
    Anthrax Worship Music 2011-09
    Turisas Stand Up and Fight 2012-07-13
    Machine Head Unto the Locust (Special Edition) 2011-09-21
    Lacuna Coil Dark Adrenaline 2012-01-20
    Volbeat Beyond Hell / Above Heaven 2010-01-01
    Megadeth Th1rt3en 2011-10-26
    Scar Symmetry The Unseen Empire 2011-04-15
    Metallica Beyond Magnetic 2011-01-01
    Orden Ogan To the End 2011
    Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events 2011-08-25
    Alestorm Back Through Time 2011
    Trivium In Waves (Special Edition) 2011-08-03
    Amon Amarth Surtur Rising 2011-03-29
    Mastodon The Hunter (Deluxe) 2011-09-23
    Black Tide Post Mortem 2011-01-01
    Pay money To my Pain Remember the Name 2011-01-26
    Emmure Speaker Of The Dead 2011-10-01
    Suicide Silence The Black Crown 2012-06-19
    Northlane Discoveries 2011-11-11
    Attila Outlawed 2011-08-16

    Every album with release date through and through. Sortable. Simple. Descriptive. As all data should be. Semi important note about singles and old tracks: in Spotify data each single being considered as small album, so you can see your year 1933 underground track with 300 listeners monthly as an album.